African American Weave Hairstyles for Women 2011

African American Weave Hairstyles for Women 2011

After you find the right stylist.Choose the weave hairstyle you would like the stylist to do for you. It does not matter what length your hair is since you are choosing a style and a length reflected in your choice of weave style. You can choose to have long pieces woven into your short hair for an illusion of long hair. Conversely you can have your long hair done in a weave that makes you hair appear to be short. Once you find the right stylist the most important task is choosing your weave style.Black weave hairstyles give women the flexibility to choose many different looks. Great variety in black weave hairstyles, depending on what you like and how much time you want to spend doing the hair. Some women like to use hair weaves to go from long hair to short hair, but many more women are likely to use weaves to extend shorter hair. Weaves can add fullness and glamour to a woman’s natural hair.

Which is a better option – Sewing or Gluing?

If you opt for sewing weaved hair you will pay more. The advantage to a sewed weave is that the hairstyle lasts much longer.Wear black weave hairstyles. To get the best weave styles, let a professional hair stylist sew them on or bond in the weave. Apply instant or quick weave. If you do not have time go to the salon, you can use bonding glue to apply quick weave hairstyles, but they may not look the greatest.If you opt for gluing it may be comparatively cheaper; however the style will not last so long as a sewed weave hairstyle.There is a general misconception that women with black hair, or at least most African American women, have had a weave at some point in their lives. Weaves for curly hair have become a popular fashion across the globe. Weaves basically enable women to have versatility in their hair style that they did not have previously. The main advantage of having a weave hairstyle is that it enables you to change the look of your hair in a short time.The process of weaving hair entails real or synthetically made hair being woven into your hair. There are two methods for creating weave hairstyles. The first is a traditional method where your hair is braided in corn rows. Then the synthetically made or real hair is woven into your hair. Specific tools such as threads and needles are used for sewing the real or synthetic hair in place.The other method for achieving a weave hairdo is with glue. The ends of the hair pieces are glued and attached to your hair. The process of gluing hair into yours requires precision matching to achieve a natural look.

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