African American Women Hair Style

For most African-American women, their hair is the very important and for that their hair must be maintained in a well-kept manner. No matter what type of hairstyle, you have, curly, straight, short hair as an African-American deserve to have the best hair possible. The tips below will show you how this can be done.

Hear damage to the hair
• Before using a hair straightener, or another heated hair tool, wash and dry your hair thoroughly. If your hair becomes frizzled, do not do it again, as this will damage your hair.
• To retain the quality and shine of your hair, instead to using hair straighteners all the time, style your hair with buns, braid outs, and French rolls. This will put less stress on your hair and rest the follicles in your hair.

Bedtime Hair Care

• Very important: Before you go to bed, wrap or pin your hair up in a scarf. This will protect it from being damaged while in bed. Plus, it keeps your hair smooth.
• Before you go to bed, if applicable, unwind your hair to let it rest. The best way to do this is by using a wide-toothed comb.
• At night, use a moisture solution (a hair oil or serum) to keep the ends of your hair straight and moist. This should be done before rolling or wrapping your hair in a scarf. This will keep it moist all night long.

Regular Maintenance

• To keep your hair smooth and shining, do not go longer than a week without washing your hair. If you do this, your hair will become very brittle and dry. If you believe that washing your hair on a regular basis is a bad thing, it is not. In fact, keeping your hair washed will make your hair to last longer and your hair will maintain its good smell.
• Around every 2-6 months, you should trim the ends of your hair. Doing this will keep it healthy and looking very nice.
African American Women Hair Style

African American Women Hair Style

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