Vanessa Williams Long Modern Hairstyles for 2010

African Hair Styles brings you Vanessa Williams Long Modern Hairstyles for 2010

Vanessa Williams great fashion sense she’s known for – from where she was once Miss New York. Later, she became the first African-American Miss America and has been well loved ever since.

Vanessa’s hair is long, down to her shoulder blades, and she wears it in a classy, layered style. Her hair is cut in long layers with her bangs cut long in the front. She styles her bangs so that they sweep to one side over her eye while the rest of her hair is allowed to hang naturally down around her shoulders. This style is great if you want to show off your earrings because you can tuck your hair back behind your ears and show off whatever accessories you want to wear. This style is excellent for those with long or medium length hair, and will work with any shape face.

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